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Investigation Reveals Dozens of Public Pension “Double Dippers”

November 1, 2012

DOUBLE DIPPING: Some retirees are drawing generous pensions while simultaneously earning large state salaries, a practice some critics question

DENVER – Dozens of retired police and firefighters are pulling down five-figure pensions each year while simultaneously going back to work full-time for the state of Colorado and earning a full-time salary, a process commonly known as “double-dipping.” Read more »

Academic: We’re Liberal Because We’re Smarter Than You

July 31, 2012

University of Colorado employees donated $38,335 to President Obama’s campaign, nearly six times the amount they gave Romney (Michael Buck Image)

DENVER — If campaign donations are a measure of political orientation and enthusiasm, President Barack Obama remains intensely popular among university faculty and staff, outraising presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by a factor of 10 or 20 on some campuses. Read more »

Welfare Fraud and Abuse: A State by State Sampling

July 26, 2012

Fraud is skyrocketing as states move from paper-based food stamps to plastic, electronic benefits transfer cards preloaded with a monthly stipend of cash

Fraud is skyrocketing as states shift from issuing paper-based food stamps to plastic, electronic benefits transfer cards preloaded with a monthly limit of cash intended only for food purchases.

Examples of fraud prompted Congress to take action, with President Obama signing a law in February intended to prevent EBT cardholders from spending their money on tattoos and at strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos. Read more »

Colorado Stimulus Funds Pay for “Free” Refrigerators, Water Heaters

June 8, 2012

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Colorado stimulus funds paid for more than 4,100 refrigerators and 3,900 water heaters at no cost to the recipient.

“Put down the handgun and pick up the caulk gun …”

That was the revolutionary cry of Van Jones, the Obama administration’s former “green czar,” describing the president’s green-jobs initiative. Read more »

“Saved Pay” for State Employees: Get a Demotion, Keep Your Higher Salary

April 23, 2012

So-called "Saved Pay", which allows state workers to retain higher salaries when they are demoted, has been crticized as a form of "personal patronage:"

DENVER – It’s natural to assume when a state employee gets a promotion, there’s a raise that goes along with it; greater responsibilities usually correspond with greater rewards.  However, when a state employee is demoted or moved to a job with less responsibilities, a statutory rule also allows the worker to keep their previous higher rate of pay.  The policy was created in state statute in 1963, and is typically referred to as “Saved Pay.” Read more »

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