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STATE OF THE RACE: NRSC Political Director Ward Baker Talks With TCO

May 24, 2013
BAKER: "I believe in a free market system for candidate selection.  I don't like to put my thumb on the scale for anyone."

BAKER: “I believe in a free market system for candidate selection. I don’t like to put my thumb on the scale for anyone.”

DENVER — As a data driven strategist, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s (NRSC) new political director, Ward Baker, believes that yard signs are an invention of the devil.

The press-shy staffer’s focus on spreadsheets over campaign schwag is nothing novel for a national party committee political director, but Baker brings with him a particular zeal for the mechanics of campaigns. Read more »

NRCC Blasts Romanoff For Breaking Special Interest Money Pledge

April 23, 2013

The NRCC says Romanoff broke his pledge to not accept special interest money by taking donations from lobbyists and trial lawyers

DENVER – Refusing to accept campaign contributions from special interests and political action committees (PACs) has been a hallmark of Democratic House candidate Andrew Romanoff’s campaign for the 6th Congressional District.  But critics say Romanoff has broken that pledge, and they are now accusing the former four-term lawmaker of hypocrisy.

Read more »

Head of Colorado Prison System Slain, Gunman On The Loose

March 20, 2013

The head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, Tom Clements, was slain, barely a week after denying a transfer to convicted Saudi rapist Homaidan al-Turki

DENVER — A senior official who made headlines last week for blocking the transfer of a convicted Saudi rapist was slain at his home last night.

Tom Clements, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections was shot and killed at his Monument home when he opened the door Tuesday night at approximately 8:30 p.m., according to police. Read more »

ANALYSIS: While Capitol Press Corps Plays Gun Control Bingo, 9News’ Kyle Clark Breaks Big Stories

March 15, 2013

Clark’s report on major problems with a Democratic gun control bill was one of several big stories the 9News anchor has broken in recent months

DENVER – “I’m not a political reporter.  I’m just very pro-fact,” tweeted 9News anchor Kyle Clark on Wednesday night.

While that may be true, Clark’s report on 9News Thursday night about some glaring deficiencies in the proposed bill to ban standard capacity magazines over 15 rounds also exposed another glaring deficiency — the lack of hard hitting reporting coming out of many reporters assigned full time to the political beat. Read more »

Saudi Sex Offender’s Request for Early Release Rejected

March 12, 2013

DENIED: It appears that Mr. al-Turki, a convicted sex offender, will not be returning home to Saudi Arabia anytime soon

DENVER – Just weeks after a Department of Corrections (DOC) spokesperson indicated that convicted sex offender Homaidan al-Turki’s application to return to his native Saudi Arabia had cleared initial reviews by prison officials, the Hickenlooper administration denied the request, citing al-Turki’s refusal to participate in rehabilitation programs. Read more »

Despite Warnings, Guzman Puts Gun Control Before Local Jobs

February 26, 2013

GUZMAN: “They do employ a lot of people. However, I’m here as the legislator. I’m here to vote on a very important bill about the safety of our people.”

DENVER — The Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Lucia Guzman (D-Denver), told The Denver Post in a recent interview that she supports a bill banning standard capacity gun magazines over 15 rounds, despite the fact that it could decimate jobs in her district.

On Friday, The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels published an interview with Senator Guzman where she stood by her support of the bill, HB1224, even after Bartels pointed out that two companies residing in Guzman’s district, Lawrence Tool and Molding and Alfred Manufacturing, would leave the state should the bill pass.

“It’s always been a lifelong interest of mine to support small businesses, so it’s very problematic if we lose a business like that to our neighborhood,” said Senator Guzman.

“They do employ a lot of people. However, I’m here as the legislator. I’m here to vote on a very important bill about the safety of our people. And so yes, it gives me caution, but I’ll have to vote with that in mind.” Read more »

Colorado Company Says Magazine Limit Law Could Kill Nearly 1000 Colorado Jobs

February 14, 2013

An Erie, CO-based company could leave CO with nearly 1000 jobs if the magazine capacity limit bill, HB1124, becomes law.

DENVER — A ban on high capacity magazines proposed by legislative Democrats threatens not only second amendment rights, but hundreds of Colorado jobs, the COO of firearm accessories manufacturer Magpul testified on Tuesday. Read more »

Conservative Colo. Gay Rights Group Opposes Hagel Nomination

February 8, 2013

Coloradans for Freedom, a conservative gay rights group, urged U.S. Senators Bennet and Udall to oppose Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense.

DENVER — Coloradans for Freedom, a conservative gay rights organization, has called on Colorado U.S. Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet to oppose former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense. Read more »

Grassroots Gay Rights Activists Blast Hagel, Urge Bennet To Oppose Nomination

February 7, 2013

Gay rights activists speak with a legislator at the capitol on Monday

DENVER — Attacking Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel as “extreme” and someone whose nomination should be opposed, gay rights activists at the Capitol on Monday displayed a distinctly different tack than liberal gay rights leaders in Colorado, who have stayed silent on the former Senator’s previous anti-gay comments. Read more »

Liberal Colo. Gay Rights Lobby Mum on Homophobic Hagel Comments

February 1, 2013

Liberal gay rights groups and leaders in Colorado have been conspicuously silent on Chuck Hagel

DENVER – Since the moment President Obama announced the nomination of former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel as his choice to head the Defense Department, the ex-lawmaker has been embroiled in controversy.  In addition to being criticized for advocating elevated ties with Iran and negotiations with terrorist groups like Hamas, Hagel has faced condemnation for making what many perceive to be anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments during his time in Congress. Read more »

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