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Some See Religious Double Standard in G.J. Islamic Song Controversy

February 18, 2012
Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar) /Free Photos

DENVER, CO—When James Harper quit the Grand Junction High School Men’s Choir over a song praising Allah, he probably never suspected his decision would become national news.

But Harper’s stance clearly struck a nerve. In Grand Junction, KREX-TV has received hundreds of comments on its Facebook and web pages after first airing the story Tuesday. The story quickly went viral after being picked up by Fox News, which has been flooded more than 12,000 comments. Read more »

Roan Plateau Job Creation Stymied by Environmental Lawsuit

February 15, 2012


Satellite photo of the Roan Plateau

DENVER, CO – Remember the Roan Plateau? That’s the stretch of mineral-rich terrain near Rifle that was supposed to deliver an economic bonanza to Western Colorado after its federal leases were auctioned for a record $113.9 million in 2008.

Nearly four years later, many Western Slope counties are still struggling with double-digit unemployment. Meanwhile, the Roan is no closer to producing the estimated 1,000 jobs expected to accompany oil and natural gas development than it was when the leases were first purchased. Read more »

Obama Administration Mulls Listing of Sage Grouse, Despite Lacking Reliable Population Data

February 12, 2012


Wikipedia Photo

DENVER, CO – No creature strikes fear in the hearts of Colorado farmers and local energy developers like the sage grouse, which may be why Gov. John Hickenlooper is entering the fray.

The Democratic governor announced Feb. 10 that he will co-chair an Interior Department sage-grouse task force with Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead and Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey. The panel’s mission is to find strategies for states to “keep this species vibrant and off the threatened and endangered species list,” said Hickenlooper. Read more »

Santorum Sweep Defies Conventional Wisdom

February 9, 2012
Gage Skidmore /Free Photos

DENVER, CO – Nobody really saw Rick Santorum coming. Even Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli, whose job is to keep his finger on the Colorado political pulse, admits he was as surprised as anyone by Santorum’s victory in the Feb. 7 Republican caucus vote.

“About 24 hours beforehand, I had some people I respect tell me to look out for Santorum,” said Ciruli. “But, no, I can’t say I expected this.”

In what may be the biggest upset of the campaign season so far, Santorum won 40 percent of the Colorado vote to 35 percent for Mitt Romney, with Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul divvying up the remainder of the spoils. Read more »

Santorum Presses Flesh With Colorado Voters

February 2, 2012

Read more »

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