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Cheap Seats: Bad Moonbeam on the Rise

July 22, 2014

There once was a time that the governor of California was automatically considered a presidential contender, what with being the top dog in the nation’s most populous state and all.

A procession of ne’er-do-wells and charlatans — we’re talking to you, Gray Davis and “Aahhnuld” — have tended of late to cloud that basic political reality.

But now fundamentals are reasserting themselves and that can only mean Gov. Moonbeam is trying to muscle in on the presidential action.

And indeed, Gov. Jerry Brown is making it known that Dems ought not limit themselves to those who have failed upward in the past — Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren leap to mind — when he is so readily available.

Does Bayer even make enough aspirin to deal with that quadruple-threat headache?

Brown, having papered over what remains of the California economy with mounting debt, has led a quixotic effort to build a high-speed train to Sin City so his entitlement-loving constituents can continue enriching a neighboring state with their EBT cards. Read more »

Yo Bloomberg! We’re Out of the Wilderness

July 14, 2014

Downtown Colorado Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs

Cheap Seats simply cannot let pass Mike Bloomberg’s jibe against Colorado.

What does the Bloomster think of these big square states? That they’re all roadless?
Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, oh goodness, what must Bloomie think is in Montana?

Does he think they’re wilderness?

They don’t have roads, according to the former erstwhile mayor of New York City, acquired from the Indians for beads we’re told were worth about 24 bucks.

Funny, inflation never affects that number. Maybe because the Indians are starting to think they got the better deal.

More seriously, if Bloomberg thinks that Colorado has no roads, doesn’t it stand to reason in what passes for his mind that the gun bans he favors would be out of place in the wilds of Colorado? Read more »

Udall Cancels Appearance with Obama at his own Fundraiser

WASHINGTON — Sen. Mark Udall cancelled his appearance at his own fundraiser Wednesday in Denver with President Barack Obama citing “last-minute votes and legislative activity,” adding to reports the vulnerable incumbent is avoiding the Democratic leader and his plummeting poll numbers.

The statement issued by Udall’s campaign office early Wednesday said “the Senate has decided to vote on Wednesday to confirm the new U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who has authority over issues like flood recovery.”

However, that vote passed a technical hurdle last week and lawmakers were expecting the confirmation vote this week. Also, the Federal Emergency Management Agency within the Homeland Security Department has primary authority over flood recovery. Read more »

Cheap Seats: The Cooling of Global Warming

July 4, 2014

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the belief in anthropogenic global warming have more in common than proponents of either might care to admit.

Global warming is, of course, all the rage among the simple-minded folk whose critical-thinking skills have never advanced past the ProgLuddite level. Yes, we’re talking to you Sen. Mark Udall and wife Maggie Fox, and the megabucks she hauled in from Al “Love me some petrobucks” Gore and the Climate Reality Project (CRaP.)

The swimsuit issue enjoys a similar attraction: its fans aren’t so much interested in the design of the swimsuits, if indeed they can be called “suits,” or the backgrounds against which they’re photographed, as they are in checking out the occupants of said “suits.”

It’s pretty basic stuff, show guys some skin and they’ll reach for their wallets.

Warmists have been employing a similar approach: act as though the sky is falling and people who don’t give much thought to things (okay, maybe they’re not exactly capable of that level of thinking) will hand over money so they can feel better. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Aiming for EPA’s Toilet Seats

June 30, 2014

The sanctimonious charlatans at the Environmental Protection Agency – those halfwits who insist that Americans are fouling the global nest by generating electricity — really don’t get the “fouling the nest” stuff.

Seems as though the higher-ups have had to send out a memo to the underlings in the Denver Region 8 office telling them that it was unseemly to poop in the hallways.

Yes, you read that right.

EPA types have been dropping trou and doing business in a government office building public area, not in the sumptuous taxpayer-funded facilities.

It’s almost as if these charmers are part of the Occupy movement. Emphasis on “movement.” Read more »

Cheap Seats: Pesky Volcanoes Melt Global Warming Theory

June 23, 2014

Antarctica is doing something strange — it’s both shrinking and growing.

It was only a few months ago in January that 52 scientists — and we use the word advisedly — were looking for proof of global warming when they found themselves trapped in rapidly expanding ice.

Uproarious as the image of hard-bitten climate warriors trapped in deep ice might be, what’s truly disturbing is that the “scientists” actually had a point. Sort of.

While they were looking up to find proof that global warming is caused by humans just trying to heat themselves and fire up some electricity, the “scientists” should have been looking down.

Turns out that Antarctica is indeed melting — because of volcanoes hidden below the ice, boiling water and slowly eating away at the ice cover to such an extent that only highly trained, hard-working, grant-dependent “scientists” could miss it.

The volcanic activity beneath Antarctica leaps to mind as Sen. Mark Udall is campaigning to hold onto his spot at the public trough by complaining loudly about “global warming.” Read more »

Study: Western States are More Equal Than Others

June 12, 2014

It’s all the rage to worry about income inequality, especially in the places where it seems incomes are the least equal.

A study by Ohio University and the Heritage Foundation shows that the chasm between the rich and poor is greatest in places like California and New York, to pick two examples, which happen to be from whence the loudest whining emanates.

Oh yes, and also Washington, D.C.

We know this because the study focused on what is known as the Gini coefficient, a standard measure of income inequality — the wider the gap, the greater the inequality of incomes.

Coming in with the big number was Washington with 0.532, followed by New York, at 0.499, then Connecticut, 0.486. California came in at 44, with 0.471. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Reid Can’t Tell Winners From Losers

June 10, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who has yet to be right about anything, including what he had for breakfast, continued his unblemished record of fallibility.

Most recently, Reid went to Kentucky to campaign for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Senate and pad his stats for getting it wrong.

Reid took the opportunity to stump for Grimes to instead bash Cory Gardner, the Colorado Republican aiming to unseat incumbent Democrat Mark Udall, as a “real loser.”

Cheap Seats is unsure how many Colorado Dems were in the Kentucky audience, but guessing the number was zero, it raises the question of where Reid thought he was.

Confusion seems to be Reid’s hallmark, especially in the area of winners and losers. Read more »

Obama’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Prisoner Exchange

June 6, 2014

“The Ransom of Red Chief”

“The Ransom of Red Chief”

So what happened to the smart diplomacy we were promised by Barack Obama?

The question comes as the Taliban is getting all giggly, having snookered Obama with the trade of Bowe Bergdahl for five terrorists with a long list of bloody credentials who have been infesting Guantanamo Bay.

And this operation shouldn’t be confused with an effort to bring, say, Mother Teresa to safety. This is roughly akin to turning John Wayne Gacy loose in a kindergarten — times five — in exchange for Tokyo Rose.

Worst of all, Obama — can we call him Doltbama? — thought he was pulling a crowd pleaser by bringing back a genuine American hero from the clutches of the Taliban.

If what we know so far is any indicator, the Taliban had to be excited they would no longer have to deal with such an insufferable, self-righteous, overweening pile of pretense. And they got rid of Bergdahl, too. Read more »

Obama Knocks on Wood for Success

June 4, 2014

Those observant folks at Politico have taken note of President Barack Obama’s habit of knocking on wood — part nervous twitch, part ritual – to urge a failing policy on to success.

The president literally knocked on wood when he talked about his hopes and dreams for how the Obamacare website would work … someday.

Obama knocks on wood regularly, and with good reason. It’s not as though he has a strong track record.

Case in point: Obama said that the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed regulations on carbon-dioxide would save consumers 8 percent in electricity costs, but the Chamber of Commerce predicts families will pay $200 more a year.

We’re guessing the president knocked on wood when he also predicted Obamacare would save families $2,500 a year. We all know how that turned out.

Politico fails to note whether Obama knocked on wood when he decided to swap five terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl, who’s looking more and more like a deserter and maybe a traitor. Read more »

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