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From The Cheap Seats: Hickenlooper’s Energy Tightrope

March 15, 2012
jkarsh /Free Photos

The biggest political question in Colorado is how long Gov. John Hickenlooper can keep the act going.

The governor has been adept, to be sure.

On the one hand, the governor appeared in a commercial that was made with the help of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association in which the governor stated the obvious.  Since the passage of Colorado’s new rules in 2008, Hickenlooper said, “We have not had one instance of groundwater contamination associated with drilling and hydraulic fracturing.”

Never mind that Colorado, to say nothing of the rest of the country, has had not one instance of groundwater contamination, according to the American Petroleum Institute. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: The Chevy Volt – America’s White Elephant

March 5, 2012


richardefreeman /Free Photos

The Chevrolet Volt, it turns out, was badly engineered.   And the marketers were every bit as competent as the designers.

A better name would have been the Chevy Dolt.

Granted, that seems pretty obvious. No doubt the joke has been used.

But in this case, the joke works because it reflects a basic truth.  Actually, several of them, the most important being that the president can’t simply order up an electric car.  Even Fidel Castro has figured that kind of stuff out, not that it’s done him any good.

Make no mistake, the Chevy Dolt comes right out of the Oval Office.  Remember that President Obama didn’t have to sell the idea to a board of directors, or investors. He simply decreed it. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: The Long Arm of the Left

March 2, 2012


Richards and quarry

What was Daniel W. Richards thinking, participating in a fully legal activity in The United States of America?

Richards, something other than a household name, is under fire in California (You saw that coming right?) because he hunted mountain lion in Idaho. Worse, he succeeded, bagging a big cat.  Even worse, he just happens to be the president of the California Fish and Game Commission.  California voters some time ago outlawed the hunting of mountain lion. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: Holder’s Hubris

March 1, 2012
USDAgov /Free Photos

If nothing else, Attorney General Eric Holder demonstrates a keen grasp of the obvious. Self-awareness, not so much.

Holder, the keen legal eagle who gave us the Marc Rich pardon under Bill Clinton, the failure, make that refusal, to prosecute New Black Panthers caught on videotape attempting to intimidate voters under Barack Obama, the master of ignoring incompetence and corruption in his own office, conceded under questioning that his crowning glory, Operation Fast and Furious, was “fundamentally flawed.” Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: Rhode to Perdition

February 28, 2012

It’s completely unfair, the rap that poor Joe Biden is taking over the release of information that he was planning a visit to “Road Island.”

It’s quite likely that the memo originated with some tyro cutting his teeth in the politics biz after obtaining a law degree from Harvard.  Or maybe Yale.

The memo then likely was passed along to someone who learned Keynesianism in Cambridge and was finally vetted by a supervisor who came oh-so-close to winning a Peabody Award while laboring in the bowels of network television news. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: The Ethics and Integrity of Climate Change

February 23, 2012

Wikipedia reports that Peter Gleick “is a scientist working on issues related to the environment, economic development, international security, and scientific ethics and integrity.”

Wikipedia leaves it to us to determine exactly which side of “scientific ethics and integrity” Glieck stands.

After extensive research, Cheap Seats can now can infer that he’s generally opposed to them. Read more »

Analysis: Colorado’s Top 10 Legislative Races to Watch

February 21, 2012

As state legislative races begin to heat up around Colorado, it’s good to remember that usually only a handful of them end up being competitive. Not to knock candidates who insist they can overcome a 30-point registration gap, but let’s be honest, most races fall off politico’s radars pretty quickly.

With the House majority, and potentially the Senate majority, in the balance this year the competitive races can have an outsized impact on the state’s politics.

As election season roars in, we’ll be updating and re-analyzing these races. Some candidates may prove better fundraisers or worse messengers than originally expected. Other races may see stronger challengers enter, or see one of the competitors fall to an unforeseen scandal. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: Rick Santorum, Robert Gibbs and Reverend Wright

February 21, 2012

Republican Hopeful Rick Santorum (Wiki Image)

Thanks Rick Santorum.  And thank you, Robert Gibbs.

The former Pennsylvania senator said over the weekend that President Obama embraced a “phony theology,” setting off a firestorm of fake outrage in the mainstream media.

You would have thought that that Santorum had suggested that Michelle Obama had salted the White House garden with fake veggies…Oh wait, she did.

Never mind that Santorum was actually talking about the president’s religious-like dedication to radical environmentalism. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: Coloradans in the Cabinet

February 21, 2012

With the triumphant themes, images and rhetoric of Barack Obama’s mile-high coronation fresh in our minds, Coloradans had high hopes for this administration when they swept in to power in January of 2009.  Expectations were rising just as fast as the unemployment rate, and were boosted further when our very own 17th Street lawyer turned cowboy turned United States Senator Ken Salazar get tapped to head the Interior Department.  It’s usually a good thing to have the President tap someone from your state to be in his cabinet, so it seems fair to wonder aloud how Colorado has fared. Read more »

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