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Left-Footers Trip Over Energy on Path to Reelection

June 2, 2014

Colorado’s two left-footed senators are tripping merrily even further left, if that’s possible.

Not that you’ll read it anywhere but here, but Mark Udall and Michael Bennet went strangely silent when 45 of their colleagues, including several vulnerable Democrats wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency asking the bureaucratic Defenders of the Faith to abandon new rules for electricity-generating stations that will kill jobs and raise consumer prices.

The EPA wants coal-fired plants like the ones in Hayden and Pueblo shut off because of “carbon pollution” — the load of bull that has made Mark Udall a certified one-percenter, almost as well-off as his Colorado co-conspirator, Bennet.

It’s a sweet gig. The Udalls and Bennets fancy themselves masters of the universe, immune to the rules that bind the rest of us. So they figure that Udall can run hard without consequences in the race against Cory Gardner.

Make no mistake, this not just an election for Udall. Bennet has a lot riding on it as well. He’s Udall’s de-facto campaign manager, after all. They have way too much money and power at stake and it’s not as though the lives of Coloradans who actually work for their livings matter in this. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Obama Reveals ID of Top CIA Chief

May 27, 2014

Another smooth move by President Barack Obama who revealed the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan while trying to one-up President George W. Bush with a Memorial Day visit to the soldiers at the Bagram Air Base.

Obama’s crack White House press operation is responsible for sending e-mails to more than 6,000 reporters that contained the name of the top spy in the war-torn country.

Station chiefs manage CIA activity, everything from intelligence gathered by spies to the data that drones collect, to say nothing of other activities conducted by drones.

In Obamaland, revealing the name of a CIA station chief is an oopsie, no biggie.

The emails went to reporters in the U.S. at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and that paragon of the red, white and blue, Al Jazeera America.

In the real world, identifying a spy is a death warrant for the secret agent. About the only option is to remove the station chief and start anew. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Polis’s Guesthouse is a Shed

May 15, 2014

Shots from Rep. Jared Polis’s self-directed documentary of a guesthouse at his Weld County vacation retreat.

Shots from Rep. Jared Polis’s self-directed documentary of a guesthouse at his Weld County vacation retreat.

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy Gale once said, and no one knows that quite like Jared Polis.

Polis, the darling of Boulder who maintains a pied a terre in Weld County, seems not to know his private vacation getaway all too well.

Either that or he has a stronger fondness of convenience than truth. Odds lean to the former.

Polis said in a self-directed crockumentary attacking hydraulic fracturing that drilling on an adjoining property was oh-so close to the guesthouse on his Weld County property, threatening his calm and peace.

Funny thing though, Weld County officials have no record of his “guesthouse.”

However they are aware of a shed that looks suspiciously like the “guesthouse” depicted in Polis’ crockumentary. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Polis’s Bid for Power

May 12, 2014

Good to know that House Democrats in Washington are getting back to their roots of hard labor, dirty hands, cracked fingernails and aching backs.

They’ve been led by Nancy Pelosi, the Ma Joad of Marin County, the hardscrabble Harriet who hails from Boston’s Back Bay who flew west in first class, forced to eat second-tier caviar washed down with tap water. Quelle horreur!

Nancy is down to her last $100 million, so there’s no doubt that no one else in the House of Representatives identifies more with the Americans who have to work two or more part-time jobs, lost the health insurance they had and have peculiar habits like church attendance and NASCAR.

Nothing says NASCAR like Nancy Pelosi.

Until now.

Turns out that Jared Polis is trying to buy his way, er, win a coveted spot — chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Read more »

Joe Biden’s Gaffe-Tastic Show Comes to Udall’s Financial Aid

May 9, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

Sen. Mark Udall will be holding a gaffe-tastic fundraiser with none other than Vice President Joe “(expletive deleted)” Biden.

The Veepster is coming to Denver to headline the May 27 cashathon for the beleaguered senator who had hoped to coast to a second term but now faces a stiff challenge from Cory Gardner.

But does Udall really want Biden reminding Colorado voters that he was ever so thrilled with the signing of Obamacare, enough so that he declared it a “big effing deal?”

Biden didn’t have enough sense to be sure that the microphone was off, sort of like his boss telling Dmitri Medvedev that he couldn’t wait to pucker up to Vladimir Putin. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Udall’s Backdoor to Fracking

May 2, 2014

Mark Udall’s web of voter deceit is tightening on him.

Known occasionally on these pages as “Mr. Maggie Fox” for his slavish adherence to the doctrine of anthropogenic global warming, Udall has been trying to have it not just two, but three, four and more ways.

Udall’s core constituency is the nut-job left, the delusory paranoids who think that they can save the earth by banning the use of any fossil fuel.

For them, hydraulic fracturing is the new broccoli.

It doesn’t matter that they’re invincibly ignorant, or at least not to Udall. As one of Al Gore’s well-paid acolytes (wife Maggie Fox recently retired from a $250,000 a year climate-control job for the former Veep), Udall doesn’t dare stray from the hymnal. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Christie Insults Colorado?

April 28, 2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

The old joke goes that California has the most lawyers in the nation, New Jersey the most hazardous waste.


New Jersey got first choice.

So does that explain Chris Christie?

New Jersey’s governor seems to have decided that Colorado will be his whipping boy, which makes sense if he was questioning the wisdom of sending the likes of Mark Udall to the U.S. Senate, or for going anti-gun-nut wacko under the genius of the likes of John Morse.

But Christie insulted Colorado’s quality of life.

A state that is home to Tony Soprano and Snookie is looking down on Aspen, Breckenridge, and Vail? The governor of the ever-bummer life is slighting the Never Summers?

How many New Jersey types come to Colorado to run the Colorado River? To fly-fish in our clear mountain streams? See mountains from 60 miles away? Purple mountain majesties come from Colorado, Gov. Christie. Read more »

Opinion: Sen. Udall Gets Comeuppance from Critics

April 25, 2014

Sen. Mark Udall is doing all he can to slander America’s handling of terror suspects and has so far enjoyed fawning coverage of his showboating, but now the Colorado Democrat is the recipient of a surprising comeuppance.

Udall is under fire from Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who worked with former NSA leaker Edward Snowden to embarrass the U.S. for having an espionage program.

Not that nations have ever spied on one another — next thing you know, Greenwald, Snowden, and Udall will be upset that Americans broke the Japanese code because spying is just ever so wrong.

Anyway, Greenwald took a shot at Udall in comments Tuesday to an audience at Georgetown University. Read more »

House Democrats Pass Recall Survival Bill, Republicans Call It Unconstitutional

April 18, 2014
State Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron were recalled from office in the Sept. 10 election.

State Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron were recalled from office in the Sept. 10 election.

DENVER — House Democrats approved on a 37-28 party-line vote Thursday a bill aimed at improving their odds in recall elections over the objections of Republicans, who argued that the measure violates the state constitution.

Senate Bill 158 redefines Election Day as the day that early voting begins, which would allow county clerks enough time to mail out ballots before a recall. Last year’s historic recalls were conducted as walk-in elections, prompting some Democrats to blame “voter suppression” after two Senate Democrats were ousted. Read more »

From the Cheap Seats: British Bash Beans

April 11, 2014

Seems that the climate-change chumps across the pond have come up with a half-baked theory that global warming is the result of what can only be described as the result of, shall we say, dropped roses?

The Members of Parliament, known for its deep insight, has concluded that the cause of climate change is, wait for it — beans.

Chili, kidney, lima, even the seemingly innocent garbanzo — no bean is without blemish in the harsh view of the Brits.

“Smelly emissions,” as Viscount Simon of the House of Lords calls it, seem to be major contributors to the plague of global warming, Simon observed during a parliamentary debate.

“You actually do raise an important point, which is we do need to moderate our behavior,” Simon was told by Baroness Verma, who will never be confused with Sir Francis Drake, even though beans seem to be the modern equivalent of the Spanish Armada. Read more »

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