Commentary: Let the Export-Import Bank Expire

July 22, 2014

Dustin Zvonek

Dustin Zvonek

The Export-Import Bank is just another way for the government to pick winners and losers in the economy and use cronyism to help out politically well-connected corporations.

Even then-candidate Obama said in 2008 that the Export-Import Bank is “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.”

For once, he is exactly right.

The bank even forces the taxpayer to foot the bill when the bank fails and needs bailing out. Luckily, the bank is set to terminate at the end of the year and conservatives nationwide are urging their elected official to not reauthorize it and let it expire.

The Export-Import bank is the official credit agency of the United States and was originally created to help the economy by boosting American exports. It serves as a classic example of big government intervention. The reality is the bank artificially boosts exports and only creates jobs in the export industry while simultaneously destroying the jobs of domestic competitors. Read more »

Commentary: Udall has Waged a War on Youth

July 14, 2014

In his recent Denver Post article, Sen. Mark Udall declared that Coloradans have the right “to be left alone, to make his or her own choices, and to live life unencumbered.”

Absolutely! If only Udall’s votes in Washington matched his rhetoric.

Instead, Udall’s votes suggest that he is complicit in politicians’ War on Youth.

My generation is entrepreneurial, creative, and constantly looking for ways to change the status quo to make our lives better.

Unfortunately, too many young people in Colorado are putting their dreams on hold and pushing their greatest aspirations to the side because they are busy struggling to foot the bill for expensive government programs that we don’t actually benefit from.

Ten percent of Colorado’s millennials – 18-29 year olds – are unemployed. Many more are struggling to find full-time jobs. Read more »

Commentary: A Path to Lower Gas Prices

July 4, 2014

Rep. Scott Tipton

Rep. Scott Tipton

As Americans celebrate our nation’s Independence today and prepare for summer trips, they’re noticing rising gas prices.

Many people are facing gas prices above $3.50 a gallon and some are already paying over $4 a gallon at the pump. These rising fuel costs have a ripple effect across our economy, impacting families already struggling to pay the bills, small businesses operating on tight margins, and senior citizens living on fixed incomes.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Nature and entrepreneurial ingenuity have created the potential to allow America to take complete control of its energy future. Read more »

Anti-Energy Extremists Ruining a Good Thing

June 23, 2014

Dustin Zvonek

Dustin Zvonek

There’s little to celebrate on the economic front these days, as anyone paying attention knows. But one welcome bright spot, in an otherwise gloomy picture, is the domestic energy revival we’re enjoying thanks to an innovative teaming of technologies called horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” for short.

Horizontal drilling means we can access new oil and gas deposits while punching fewer holes in the ground, minimizing the surface “footprint” of energy operations. Fracturing subsurface shale deposits by injecting a pressurized mix of water, sand and lubricating chemicals helps recover vast new storehouses of hydrocarbons what were locked-away in solid rock until now. Together, these safe and exciting new technologies are turning America into an energy superpower, rather than the energy basket case it seemed not too long ago. Read more »

The Sensible Middle of the Fracking Debate

If you believe some political pundits, our nation is hopelessly divided. But as two former Colorado governors – one Democrat, one Republican – we think the pundits are wrong.

True, the extreme voices in most debates get more media attention, but what the public really wants, and eventually demands, is common ground.

Just ask 67 percent of voters in a recent Bipartisan Policy Center survey, who indicated they want people to “work across party lines and engage in give-and-take to try to come up with solutions.”

Today, there are few better examples of common ground than energy – specifically, the tremendous increase in homegrown oil and natural gas production made possible by hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”

Elected officials from both parties – and from the president on down – have correctly noted the positive impact that this renewed American drive for energy independence is having on the U.S. economy. Read more »

Colorado Senators are MIA on Keystone Pipeline

June 3, 2014

Coloradans may have just received the disturbing truth as to why their two U.S. senators were missing in action when Congress was ready to vote to put thousands of Americans to work on the Keystone XL pipeline. Sadly, the reason is partisan politics – or rather, millions of dollars in campaign contributions from a California billionaire.

The good news is that there is still time for both senators to do the right thing for their constituents. In fact, their two votes would almost certainly put a Keystone XL bill on the president’s desk, finally putting an end to the politics of delay.

In Colorado, both Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet have consistently denounced the Washington politics miring President Obama’s Keystone XL decision. Bennet told The Wall Street Journal, “I do support [Keystone XL]. I think it’s become ridiculously political. It just has become another one of those idiotic Washington political games that bounces back and forth and doesn’t actually accomplish anything.” Read more »

Tipton: Stand Up for Veterans to Pay Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes

May 26, 2014

Rep. Scott Tipton

Rep. Scott Tipton

The American Dream has come at an incredible cost. Since the founding of our nation, a small, important group of Americans have answered the call to serve our country. Because of the sacrifice of these special few Americans, we can wholeheartedly say that the world is a better place.

Today, we come together as a nation to give tribute to those who paid the ultimate price in defense of freedom—in defense of that dream. No words can sufficiently express the gratitude we have for our troops, especially for those who have died in the service of our nation.

These brave, selfless individuals share a sacred bond. It’s an immortal, patriotic bond that lives among their ranks from generation to generation. It lives on today between veterans and their fallen peers—between those who have stood together in defense of us all. Read more »

Gardner: Natural Gas Key to Jobs and National Interest

May 19, 2014

Rep. Cory Gardner

Rep. Cory Gardner

Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing games with global energy supplies—games that could have dire consequences for America’s allies in Europe unless Congress takes action.

Following upheaval in Ukraine, Russian President Putin moved swiftly to exert power, laying claim to Crimea, a formerly Soviet territory that has existed as part of an independent Ukraine for nearly 20 years.

Now, President Putin and the Russian Regime are using their supply of natural gas to flex their muscles and exert even more power throughout the region.

As the second largest producer of natural gas on the planet, Russia is the dominant provider of that product to European countries. The recent political turmoil in the region is generating fears in Europe that President Putin may use his control of natural gas supplies to increase his power and spread Russian influence. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Sequester Results in One Layoff

May 13, 2014

Sen. Tom Coburn

Sen. Tom Coburn

Remember those doomsday predictions during the dark days of the sequester?

Threats of friendly policemen, neighborhood teachers, and small-town public servants losing their jobs as a result of nominal reductions in Washington spending?

Well, it turns out those horror stories never came true.

Throughout last year, President Obama told America that if sequestration cuts went into effect, the consequences would be dire. The White House’s apocalyptic “fact sheet” detailed myriad ways sequestration would put thousands of jobs at risk and jeopardize countless government programs.

But thanks to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) publicized by Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, we now know those scare tactics were largely baseless – and that sequestration resulted in the grand total of one public sector layoff. Read more »

Guest commentary: Dems Exploit Women in Fake War

May 6, 2014

Welcome to the latest skirmish on the fake war on women — it’s called the “wage gap.”

According to the Census Bureau, the median earnings of women are only 77 cents of every dollar earned by men. How insulting. How unfair. Don’t despair, though, because President Barack Obama has signed two executive orders banning the scourge of gender inequality from the land. Whew. Who could argue with that moral trumpet call — equal pay for equal work?

The White House, that’s who. According to the 2013 Annual Report to Congress on White House staff, women on Obama’s staff make on average about 12 percent less than men. According to Jay Carney, White House spokesguy, the reason that Obama administration female employees make only 88 cents for every dollar the men make is — well, he didn’t really have an explanation at a recent press conference. Read more »

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