Guest Commentary: It’s the Culture, Stupid

May 29, 2012
TANCREDO:  The cultural struggle between individualism and collectivism has been raging for over a centuryMr. Wright / Foter

There is a growing realization in political quarters that there’s more to the resiliency of the Obama regime and his re-election chances than voters’ shifting priorities or occasional upticks in the nation’s economy. But the resiliency of the Obama constituency should not be a mystery: it’s the culture, stupid. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Joe Wilson Was Right

May 22, 2012

South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson (R)

In September of 2009, Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted a speech to Congress by President Obama with the words, “You Lie!”  At the time Wilson was widely criticized for his impolite violation of decorum, but now we know he was our Paul Revere for Obama’s barrage of lies. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Obama’s Disturbing Narcissism

May 14, 2012
Barack Obama / Foter

Another tingle probably went up Chris Matthew’s leg this past week when he heard Obama “come out” with an open endorsement of gay marriage. Obama’s statement may or may not be a change in his position on gay marriage, but one aspect of his announcement is especially troubling. Read more »

Guest Commentary: The Politics of Wasting Time and Money

May 14, 2012

BROPHY: Hickenlooper squandering over $23,000 a day for a special session to debate a divisive social issue

I trust that Colorado citizens will be disgusted with Governor Hickenlooper for squandering over $23,000 a day for a special session over a divisive social issue.  Will this create a new outcome for civil unions?  The answer is, no, and the taxpayers will be out another $75,000. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Obama Says “Forward!”

May 6, 2012

"Forward!" is a familiar battle cry for leftist movements, like the communist organization that produced this leaflet

Obama has adopted “Forward” as a slogan for the campaign.  It is not very original. It has been used by other leftist movements throughout the world.

I can see why they chose it.  After all, who can be against moving forward? Whatever the observer deems to be a desirable future will be what he or she assumes the slogan has in mind. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Cut Energy Prices by Cutting Red Tape

CONGRESSMEN: The federal government must put forward a comprehensive plan that will meet our nation’s energy needs through the development of traditional and alternative energy resources

As high gasoline prices continue to hammer families at the pump each week, Americans are demanding solutions to our nation’s high energy costs. Colorado’s abundance of natural resources on federal lands puts our state at the heart of this critical national debate. Read more »

Guest Commentary: How Obama Plans to Win

April 24, 2012

TANCREDO: Romney must remember that this election is about one thing and one thing only: Obama

His approval rating is in the toilet.  His re-elect numbers are abysmal for an incumbent President at this point in his term. He has stated that he is giving up on white, working class Americans. The economy, regardless of how he tries to talk it up, is lethargic at best. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Religious Freedom Biggest Casualty of White House Politicking

April 13, 2012
BROPHY:   Religious liberties are too important to wind up as collateral damage in a desperate attempt to re-elect a failed President

When Senate Bill 93 – legislation designed to single out and ostracize hospitals with religious objections to procedures like abortion – was passing the Colorado State Senate, I tweeted “religious bigotry on display in the Colorado Senate. You will take action because of your faith: SB93″

Let me be clear, I don’t believe that every Democrat who voted for this bill is a religious bigot.  It is part of a national election strategy to demonize Republican candidates over women’s health issues in hopes to turn women voters against the GOP and further divide our country. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Why Both Parties Should Favor Campaign Spending Limits

April 13, 2012


GORDON: Campaign spending has increased at five and a half times the rate of inflation since the 1980 Presidential election

Insiders in both major political parties tend to be against limits on campaign contributions and spending, with Republicans slightly more opposed to limits than Democrats.

But the key word in the previous sentence is “insiders.”  Most of the actual people in this country, from whatever party, oppose the extent to which our political process has become dominated by wealthy individuals or interests.  Read more »

Guest Commentary: A Lame Duck Amnesty?

April 9, 2012
TANCREDO: Our Southwest border remains as dangerous and porous as ever

March witnessed the second anniversary of the murder of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz by an illegal alien intruder 25 miles from the Arizona-Mexico border. In his memory, let’s review the state of border security.

Has anything changed? Read more »

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