Guest Commentary: Roberts’ Move to the Dark Side

July 7, 2012

TANCREDO: The Roberts ruling is a naked admission that the Constitution is no longer an obstacle to the unlimited growth of the federal government through its taxing powers

In the days following the shocking John Roberts ruling on Obamacare, we have seen many attempts to explain and justify the chief justice’s decision. That debate is interesting and worthwhile. But there is another lesson that may be even more important than the political struggle to repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Who Will Defend the Constitution?

July 5, 2012

TANCREDO: The high court’s Arizona ruling gives not only the Obama administration but any future president the discretion to disregard any federal law they choose not to enforce

Republican appointees on the Supreme Court twice last week abandoned the Constitution to give new powers to the federal government and the Obama administration. The question for conservatives and patriots is: What can be done about it? Read more »

Guest Commentary: A Win for States

July 2, 2012

CSPR: Colorado and other states face the daunting challenge of maintaining a balanced budget with diminishing revenues and rapidly growing Medicaid costs

The recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold the individual mandate has received an overwhelming share of attention from the press and pundits as it has been by far the most debated feature of President Obama’s health care law. The clash over the individual mandate and its lasting impact on America going forward will undoubtedly continue throughout November’s election and beyond. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Executive Dodge

June 25, 2012

BEAUPREZ: Obama's decision to invoke Executive Privelege invites a whole new set of questions, most notably, "What did the President himself know, and when did he know it?"

For a year and a half Barack Obama successfully deflected suspicion that neither he nor the White House staff was directly involved in the ever growing Fast & Furious gun walking scandal. That changed yesterday when the President voluntarily inserted himself into the equation by withholding documents from Congress with an assertion of Executive Privilege. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Obama’s Bad Bet on Amnesty

June 25, 2012

TANCREDO: Obama’s ‘temporary amnesty’ will end the moment his successor walks into the Oval Office

With his unconstitutional amnesty decree of June 15, Obama has played a losing hand. His cynical manipulation of the “Hispanic vote” only confirms voters’ view of Obama as an unprincipled ends-justifies-the-means politician. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Don’t Stifle Economic Growth With Local Red Tape

CSPR: For Colorado to realize the maximum potential of the energy industry’s ability to shrink unemployment, public policies at all levels of government need to be consistent

The continuing sluggish job numbers are a sober reminder that a full economic recovery is still well beyond the horizon. As weary job creators search for solutions and opportunities to kick start their businesses, we have repeatedly heard their pleas to state and federal lawmakers to ease onerous regulations, reduce tax burdens and for them to stop mandating higher costs of doing business. Read more »

Guest Commentary: The Poison of Identity Politics

June 12, 2012

TANCREDO: Appealing to blocs of voters solely on the basis of racial or ethnic or gender “identity” divides Americans into warring groups

Last week saw the return of identity politics in the Republican Party in the familiar guise of “smart politics.” Such is always the appeal of political panaceas: smell the rose, and ignore the thorns.

This week’s Republican folly takes the form of a bill introduced in Congress by Florida Rep. David Rivera, the “Republican Dream Act.,” H.R.5869. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Targeting Blatant Waste

June 11, 2012

Tipton's amendment would prevent agencies like the Bureau of Reclamation from handing out cash to survey recipients

This past week I confronted one of the most blatant cases of federal waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars that I’ve seen since coming to Washington.  It involves a federal agency sending out cash in the mail to entice survey responses. Read more »

Guest Commentary: Time for Hickenlooper to Tackle Bureaucrat Union

June 8, 2012

HOULTON: Public sector compensation must be brought into line with economic reality

On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters turned out in droves to repudiate a blatantly political maneuver by Big Labor to attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker. The momentous failure of union bosses to coerce Wisconsin taxpayers into funding their special interest entitlements shows a national turn of the tide – one that cannot and should not be ignored here in Colorado.  Read more »

Guest Commentary: The Obama Meltdown

June 5, 2012

TANCREDO: Anemic job-growth numbers are giving major elements of the 2008 Obama coalition good reasons to abandon ship

The latest numbers on jobs and the economy do not bode well for the Obama campaign. The bad news on the economy will add fuel to the brushfire that will soon turn into an inferno. Can you spell O-b-a-m-a- M-e-l-t-d-o-w-n? Read more »

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