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“2016: Obama’s America” Becomes Second Highest Grossing Political Documentary Ever

September 18, 2012

D’SOUZA: Which dream will we carry into the 21st century: the American dream, or Obama’s dream?

DENVER–If it were a movie, nobody would believe it: A conservative writer teams up with a Hollywood producer to make a hard-hitting documentary about a Democratic president during his reelection run that breaks box-office records. Read more »

Academic: We’re Liberal Because We’re Smarter Than You

July 31, 2012

University of Colorado employees donated $38,335 to President Obama’s campaign, nearly six times the amount they gave Romney (Michael Buck Image)

DENVER — If campaign donations are a measure of political orientation and enthusiasm, President Barack Obama remains intensely popular among university faculty and staff, outraising presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by a factor of 10 or 20 on some campuses. Read more »

ANALYSIS: Union Boss Salaries Outpace Members by Orders of Magnitude

June 21, 2012

MEDIA TRACKERS: Colorado’s SEIU President cleared $94,486 in 2011 while members in industries such as janitorial services made just $22,288 according to labor statistics

DENVER – The Executive Director of the Colorado Education Association [CEA], Tony Salazar, was paid five times that of the average member of the CEA according to 990 filings for 2007 and 2008. The wage gap between Colorado Union bosses and Union members isn’t limited to the CEA either, SEIU bosses, United Transportation Union bosses, and Sheet Metal Workers bosses in Colorado all consistently outpace the wages of their membership by margins ranging from ~200-500%. Read more »

Colorado Democratic Spokesman Accuses State Parties of Money Laundering

May 31, 2012

MEDIA TRACKERS: Based on the last election cycle, Democratic leaning 527's totaled 99% of all non federal 527 activity in Colorado political races

DENVER – The top spokesman for Colorado Democrats told a local paper that both parties in the state engaged in financing activities that resembled money laundering. Read more »

Slideshow: Denver Metro Young Republicans Legislative Reception

April 20, 2012

“The Hunger Games” Totalitarian Future Strikes Conservative Chord

March 29, 2012

"The Hunger Games" was published in 2008.

Hollywood bigwigs would sooner vote for Rick Santorum than make a movie promoting conservative themes, but whether they realize it or not, that’s exactly what they’ve done with The Hunger Games.

Released March 23, The Hunger Games notched the third-highest grossing opening in U.S. box-office history, earning $155 million in its first weekend. The movie is in many ways standard action-adventure fare–plenty of violence, a love triangle, attractive stars–but at its core is a message of individual resistance to an all-powerful government. Read more »

Ken Gordon’s Campaign Finance Fight

March 28, 2012

Ken Gordon sat down with TCO this week to talk campaign finance

DENVER – Big campaign contributions are made to political candidates to buy access and influence for the donor.  That statement, made by one of Ken Gordon’s professors during his tenure as an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan in the 1960’s, is what first inspired the former legislator to fight for tighter campaign finance restrictions.

“Conservation is something I’ve always been interested in,” says Gordon, “And I remember thinking how self-evident it was that legislators backed by real estate developers and extractive industry donations would never do a good job protecting the environment.” Read more »

HBO’s “Game Change” Entertains, Embellishes

March 16, 2012
DanMoralesPhotography /Free Photos

BROOMFIELD, CO — If you want to watch an entertaining political movie with great acting, watch HBO’s Game Change. But if you want to watch a movie that is an honest and accurate portrayal of the 2008 election, look elsewhere.

The film, based on the book of the same name by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, is a searing indictment of Sarah Palin and the decision to place her on the Presidential ticket. The only problem is that it is so gratuitous and overdone in its attempt to smear Palin that it devolves into parody. Read more »

“Act of Valor” Breaks From Usual Hollywood Formula

February 28, 2012

WESTMINSTER, CO – “To us and those like us. The damned few.” So goes the toast of the Navy SEALs in the blockbuster hit of the weekend, Act of Valor. The movie itself is being saluted as the rare breed of war movie unencumbered by what conservatives on talk radio and blogs see as a persistent and pervasive anti-military bias in most Hollywood films.

King of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, said of the film on Monday: “It is just one of the best war movies I’ve ever seen…I sat in my seat stunned when it was over.” Read more »

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