Senate Kills Sportsmen’s Act, Failure Blamed on Harry Reid

July 11, 2014

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle killed the Sportsmen’s Act Thursday in a protest vote aimed at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who refused to allow amendments to the measure aimed at reelecting vulnerable Democrats.

The vote to break the filibuster required 60 supporters, but fell well short of its goal with 41 yes votes to 56 opposed. All 45 Republicans voted against the bill along with 11 Democrats.

Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, a bill co-sponsor, voted yes as did Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

The measure was also sponsored by Democrats facing tough reelection fights in North Carolina, Louisiana, and Alaska, prompting its nickname by Republicans as the “Red State Democrat Reelection Act.” Read more »

Bloomberg: Colorado Gun Recall Towns So Rural, They Don’t Have Roads

July 10, 2014

bloomberg-gunsDENVER — In what may come as a surprise to residents of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t think those cities have roads.

Bloomberg told Rolling Stone that he was “sorry” about the recalls of two state senators last year over the Democratic state legislature’s gun-control laws, but added that their districts were so “rural” that, “I don’t think there’s roads.”

“In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads,” said Bloomberg in the interview published online Wednesday.

“It’s as far rural as you can get,” said Bloomberg. “And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ‘em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.”
Read more »

Dems and GOP Critical of Obama’s Handling of Border Kids Crisis

July 10, 2014

 Gov. John Hickenlooper and President Obama.

Gov. John Hickenlooper and President Obama.

WASHINGTON – Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much, but neither side is satisfied with President Obama’s response to the border crisis and demand for $3.7 billion he says would stem the tide of unaccompanied child immigrants from Central America.

The president was also criticized during visits to Texas and Colorado on Wednesday for political fundraisers, but refusing to visit the southern border where 60,000 children are being held in overcrowded immigration facilities.

“There is nothing that is taking place down there that I am not intimately aware of and briefed on,” Obama said. “This isn’t theater, this is a problem. I’m not interested in photo ops.”

Obama drew fire from a member of his own party for strolling down 15th Street Tuesday in Denver, playing pool and sharing a beer with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper during a photo op instead of visiting the border. Read more »

Obama Supporters Confused By Udall’s Absence

July 10, 2014

Protesters at President Obama’s speech.

Protesters at President Obama’s speech.

DENVER — Obama fans who gathered Wednesday at Cheesman Park hoping to catch a glimpse of the president after his speech were having a hard time understanding why Democratic Sen. Mark Udall wasn’t there.

“It just seems like a strange political decision,” said Matthew Tucker of Denver as he stood along the barricade with his dogs Mazzy and Pali outside the pavilion.

Speculation is rife that Udall and other top Democrats seeking reelection wanted to avoid being seen with the president, whose approval rating has plummeted in Colorado, a rationale that didn’t sit well with some Obama supporters.

“It bothers me a lot,” said Angela, a Capitol Hill resident who declined to give her last name. “It’s like, ‘You were there in the beginning, where are you now?’ Just walk the talk.”

The president’s low approval rating didn’t phase her: She wore a brown tank top bedazzled with the name “Obama,” and said voters need to realize that he wasn’t going to be able to resolve all issues. Read more »

Udall Cancels Appearance with Obama at his own Fundraiser

WASHINGTON — Sen. Mark Udall cancelled his appearance at his own fundraiser Wednesday in Denver with President Barack Obama citing “last-minute votes and legislative activity,” adding to reports the vulnerable incumbent is avoiding the Democratic leader and his plummeting poll numbers.

The statement issued by Udall’s campaign office early Wednesday said “the Senate has decided to vote on Wednesday to confirm the new U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who has authority over issues like flood recovery.”

However, that vote passed a technical hurdle last week and lawmakers were expecting the confirmation vote this week. Also, the Federal Emergency Management Agency within the Homeland Security Department has primary authority over flood recovery. Read more »

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