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One Quarter of Dougco Teachers Drop Union

July 31, 2014

ABC-appleThe teachers’ union representing the Douglas County school system has lost one-quarter of its membership, signaling a growing frustration within the ranks that dues are used to finance politics instead of professional development.

The significant drop in membership of the Douglas County Federation (DCF) was revealed in a July 21 letter from two board members to Courtney Smith, union president, and was based on the union’s most recently released tax returns.

The letter pointed to the drop in membership as undeniable proof that teachers had chosen the district over the union and the need for major changes within the organization.

The letter called for union leaders to “unequivocally reject” five financial practices, including the use of dues for elections and a means of political leverage on the board, demands the district pay dues without providing a return of services, and failing to use union funds for professional teacher development.

“You should strongly stand for not pulling money out of the classroom to run a union,” said the letter signed by Kevin Larsen, board president, and Doug Benevento, vice president. Read more »

Jeffco School’s New Leader Takes the Reins on Tuesday

June 30, 2014

Dan McMinimee

Dan McMinimee

LITTLETON — Making a difference is Dan McMinimee’s top priority when he begins his new job Tuesday as superintendent of Colorado’s second largest school district.

“I don’t do things for money,” said McMinimee. “I do things because it’s where I think I can make the most difference.”

In an exclusive interview with The Observer as McMinimee prepared to take the reins at Jefferson County Public Schools, the new administrator expressed his vision for the district and responded to criticisms that were repeatedly raised by the public and the teachers’ union at recent board meetings.

A controversial 3 to 2 decision from the school board June 5 ultimately solidified McMinimee’s contract and he accepted the offer without proposing any revisions. Read more »

Douglas County Democrats Seek Space In School Board Race

October 15, 2013
An Obama-Biden sticker adorns a car painted for the union candidate slate in Douglas County

An Obama-Biden sticker adorns a car painted for the union candidate slate in Douglas County

DENVER – In recent weeks, the union-backed slate of candidates have come under fire from opposition groups claiming the AFL-CIO backed slate are actually closeted Democrats under the guise of an opposition grassroots wave. Read more »

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